2022/2023 Income Tax Calendar: key dates and other new features


2022/2023 Income Tax Calendar: key dates and other new features

It will begin on April 11 and will run through June 30.

The Government has already confirmed the calendar for the 2022 Income and Wealth Tax Campaign. Here are some key dates and other news.

What are the key dates of the Renta 2022 campaign?

The campaign to file the IRPF for the year 2022 (which is filed in 2023) will begin next April 11 and will end on June 30, as indicated in the taxpayer’s calendar of the Tax Agency. On April 11, taxpayers will be able to access their income tax draft through the Internet, by means of the Renta Web system. This mechanism allows confirming the draft via Internet or, if no modifications are required on the data provided by the Tax Agency, via cell phone.

Those who wish to file by telephone will have to wait until May 5. An appointment is required to do so. In turn, those who wish to do so in person at the Tax Agency offices may do so between June 1 and June 30. June 29th is the last day to make an appointment, which can be made online or by phone at the following numbers: 91 535 73 26 / 901 12 12 24 o 91 553 00 71 / 901 22 33 44.

On the other hand, June 27th is the deadline for those with results to be paid by direct debit.

It should be noted that those who file their income tax returns after the deadline will be subject to fines that will vary according to the delay. In 2021, such penalties were 1% plus one additional percentage point for each month of delay. If the taxpayer takes more than 12 months to file, the surcharge will be 15% plus late payment interest.

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